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Castillo San Felipe de Barajas UNESCO heritage site

  • El Castillo de San Felipe is one of the iconic sites of the city of Cartagena. More than just an interesting and beautiful place to visit if you are in the city, El Castillo de San Felipe has a rich history behind it. The fortification was constructed during the Spanish colonial era, and despite its numerous remodelling for reasons of maintenance, the fort still conserves all of its majesty and grandeur.

    In the year 1984, El Castillo de San Felipe was declared an UNESCO heritage site, along with the historic center and various other fortifications of Cartagena. El Castillo is also highly regarded as a historical and cultural heritage site among all of Colombia. These recognitions mean that this is one of the most highly visited places among locals of Cartagena and tourists alike. This makes it one of the  most sought after places to host important local and national events.

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  • Adults $ 17,000 / Students $ 8,000 / Children 6 to 13 years $ 8,000 / Children under 6 and adults over 61 years Free