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Cerro de la Popa


  • Cerro de la popa is the highest landform in all of the city of Cartagena. Located in the neighbourhood of Pie de la Popa, it is one of the most important natural touristic attractions of the city of Cartagena.

    This large mound of earth is a distinguishing mark of the city and for its citizens, and carries great importance for its religious relevance. Once arriving at the top of the landform, you can find a Catholic church that is architecturally one of the most beautiful of the whole country.

    Prior to becoming a meeting place for Catholic parishioners, it was a site of adoration of slaves and Indigenous populations who worshiped a God named ‘Buzuriaco.’ It is said that during the construction of the convent, many obstacles were faced because of the supposed fury of this deity, who sent thunderstorms and rain to impede the construction.

    “La popa” as it is known by Cartagena residents, is often visited during the times of the Virgin of Candelaria, when many parishioners climb up to pray to the divine for good fortune.

  • Children $2.500 pesos
    Adult $4.500 pesos