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Museo del Oro de Cartagena


  • Conveniently located right alongside the beautiful Plaza de Bolívar within the walled city of Cartagena, the Museo del Oro de Cartagena exhibits some of the beautiful designs in gold and ceramic by the Indigenous Zenú population of Colombia.

    Over 2000 years ago, the Caribbean Colombian plains were inhabited by numerous Zenú populations, from the Sinú River to the lower Cauca River. Within the museum, Zenú culture is explained through exhibits that with information on their sophisticated and fascinating pre-Colombian culture.

    The museum was opened in 1982 with the help of the Banco de la República de Colombia, and was remodelled in 1984. The collection consists of pieces such as jewelry, stone tools, ceramic pottery, bone and shells. A visit to the Museo de Oro is obligatory if you would like to learn more about Colombian and Caribbean history. Besides the educational value, the museum is also located in a beautiful part of the old city and offers small break from the Caribbean heat as you take a tour through the museum which is built within a beautiful colonial house.

    If you would like to learn more, or you want to plan your own visit, consult your pocket guide or create your own Wish Map using the In Cartagena Guide.

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  • Free admission